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Step Back Chapter 14

Title: Step Back | Henry Lau and Kwon Ji Yong | PG-13 | Crossover: Big Bang/Super Junior | Crack pairing
Getting into the club was actually easier than Henry thought. It had worked exactly as Jiyong told him; right after they placed a foot inside, Seungri would rush to the dancefloor, dragging Seunghyun and a very reluctant Deaseung along; moments later Henry would be able to locate those three. Seunghyun looked like a static stick moving at the rhythm of music due his lack of motion, Seungri was trying to get him to have fun a little more, until he finally gave in and let the older do what he wanted. Right after that he saw Seungri dancing animously along with Daesung, who was still refusing to let the flow run all over him, but, unlike Seunghyun, he decided just to take it easy and have fun along with his younger friend.
Henry felt a little preoccupied as he lost track of the older hyung for a moment, but later on he spotted him at the bar, having a drink.
“I want to take a break” Youngbae sighed “I’ll go find a table or something for us five, then…”
“Wait! I am going with you!” Henry yelled, his voice could hardly ever be heard as the music was so loud it pumped into his ears painfully.
He was about to run back home; his head hurt a lot; he couldn’t think properly with all the noise and the mess and the big crowd and he was feeling thirsty and hungry.
Henry reached out for Yougbae´s shoulder and gripped it tightly. The two of them eventually disappearing among the crowd.
Jiyong was left dumbfounded, he thought Henry wanted to be with him him all the way along, but perhaps he wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, he decided to give it no importance and just shrugged, turned back and went to where Seungri, Daesung and Seunghyun were.
“Here, this one will do” Youngbae said, placing a hand over the table. Turning around his head, he noticed someone was missing. “Where’s Jiyong?”
“I don’t know”
“Oh, well…never mind, anyway I am just too tired to care”
“You’re tired? But we just arrived and we haven’t done anything…”
“I know but still, I don’t like going clubbing so much, I just go because the boys ask me to…”
“So you don’t like clubbing?” Henry seemed surprised.
“It’s fun, yes, but I always get a headache the morning after…” Youngbae chuckled slightly. “What about you?”
“I…don’t like it either…well, this is my first time, actually, but still clubs and bars have never attracted me, besides, I only have fifteen years old, I am not supposed to be here…”
“But you are” Yougbae interrupted the hesitant boy. “Didn’t Jiyong told you where were we going?”
“Yes, but-”
“Then, if you were going to feel uncomfortable you could’ve turned down the invitation…” Henry could almost see the older grin. “Or were you just being polite?”
Henry didn’t answer; he himself couldn’t really recall why he agreed going to the club. Youngbae noticed the boy going all stiffened.
“I- um…well…I think….I mean it’s not that-”
“I am sorry…I shouldn’t have asked you that; the thing is that you’re here now…” Youngbae interrupted him before Henry could pull out something really stupid.
Henry stared back at Bae, surprised by his sudden kindness.
“No problem” was all he could mutter.
“Wanna have a drink or something?” Youngbae asked.
“Eh…I don’t know…a ginger ale or something without alcohol.” Henry didn’t like heavy drinks, and if he was going to meet the day after with his friends he didn’t want to look like a total wreck, otherwise they would get suspicious and annoying. “Make sure it’s cold as hell”
“So you want it really hot?” the elder joked. Henry grinned.
“Yeah, whatever”
Henry had to admit it, Jiyong had really cool friends. It was a shame Youngbae and Daesung –the ones he liked the most, didn’t attend the same school, though.
“What are you doing here?” Daesung randomly poped out of nowhere in front of Jiyong. “Shouldn’t you be attending your special guest?”
“He went with Bae to get us a table or something, I don’t know…I suddenly lost them and I just decided to come in and have some fun”
Daesung shrugged.
Jiyong really liked hanging out to this kind of places, of course, he wasn’t a social butterfly who was still roaming around, fluttering its shiny and pretty wings at 4am every day. In fact he was still underage and technically speaking the fact he was right now in a club was a crime already.
But he had done this before, it wasn’t that of a big deal; at least he hadn’t ever got drunk or high, which was something. Jiyong just wanted to feel the music running down through his fingertips, he danced to it and he was liking it.
Eyes closed, he immersed himself within his mind; creating new scenarios and worlds just by listening to music was from the things he liked doing the most. When he had already reached for what he called ‘the zone’ he would stop caring about what was going on around.
A pair of eyes was staring at him from the second balcony.
Bae turned his head.
“What is it, Henry?” He looked as anxious as Henry himself for going to the place the others were at and show off his dancing skills.
“Can we just join them?”
“I was worried that you actually were not going to ask”
The moment the two boys Youngbae mixed himself up with the music right away, Henry was at first reluctant because he hadn’t done this  before; Seunghyun patted his shoulder and told him to chill out.
“That’s why these places exist, after all” he would whisper to Henry.
He didn’t know when it zinged him, but suddenly he was so into the music he didn’t notice the moment people who were nearby stopped minding their business and just watched him dance.
He wasn’t the best dancer out there, but sure, the boy knew how to move and he made it seem so easy and smooth he even left some people out of breath.
And by some people I mean Jiyong.
Seungri shortly joined him and made some popping movements as well, Youngbae shrugged and decided to take part as well; Seunghyun somehow managed to convince Daesung  to go for a drink and now they were chattering cheerfully with some girls at the bar.
Jiyong was feeling weird, not because he was ashamed of his own moves.
Nonetheless he decided to join in as well.
Soon he found himself again drown into the music and his own moves he just lost track of the real world.
Moments later, Seungri and Youngbae joined Dae and Seunghyun into the bar- they had already gotten tired of having those two dorks immersed into their own little world and not letting anyone else in.
They were so into each other the other four boys were starting to feel out of place.
It was funny until Henry looked down at his watch and realized it was 3am already; he bid goodbye and tried to rush back home, obviously with a certain person sticking with him.
Perhaps it was because of that Ginger ale he had; it tasted awful but he didn’t have anything else to drink so he just finished it off right away and decided not to mind it at all.
Perhaps it was adulterated, hence why it tasted as hell.
Yeah, that was it.
Henry ended up feeling all funny and numb and tired and with a strong headache but he couldn’t care less because he was to a few step from his bed.
Well, not exactly a few steps, more like a few meters, to put it more bluntly, 35 meters down; he lived in the last floor, and he was still in the street.
“Hey, today was awesome and very funny, but let’s just not try it again” he managed to mumble.
“It’s okay; there’s plenty of other things to do” Henry could smell a slight alcohol odor; he had seen his hyung drinking, it wasn’t that of a heavy drink, but it still managed to make Jiyong all loopy and funny.
‘Well, at least he had alcohol in his drink with his own consent’
Henry had been drunk only once, it was at a Birthday party he was invited to back in Canada; the kids managed to sneak some drink over and they convinced Henry to try it; he liked I right away but he had like, zero tolerance to alcohol so he ended up puking into the boy that would later on be his boyfriend, Sterling.
He felt like crap the morning after so he promised he wasn’t going to drink any of those things anymore. Of course, those times when he got alcohol into his body without him knowing didn’t count.
He wasn’t feeling like how he did back then, but perhaps he was just feeling clumsy due to fatigue and that was all, perhaps the ginger ale wasn’t adulterated and he was just making things up.
“You stink, hyung…you should go home as well”
The sole presence of this boy used to give Henry the creeps, but now it turned out into something that made Henry feel loopy.
He wondered how it was to…
“Hey, hyung”
“Wassup Henry” Jiyong blurted in silly English
“You stink” Henry replied in his native tongue. “You should get going already, it’s too late and your parents will get preoccupied”  
Mcuh to his surprise, Jiyong seemed to get the message pretty clear.
“Yeeaahhhhh, I guesssss sssooo” Henry laughed at his hyung’s English. “Bye~”
Jiyong turned his body the opposite way and started walking away. Henry called out for him.
Henry smiled. His white pearls making a contrast with his plump, pink lips. His whole mouth was seeming to shine.
“Thank you”
Henry reached out to where Jiyong was standing, and gave him a peck; not directly in the mouth, but his lips did touch a little part of Jiyong’s.
Jiyong might have been drunk, but still he didn’t see this coming. Although what the boy just did puzzled him right away, he wasn’t willing to make a big fuss about it –be either the fact it was the wrong place, time, conditions… so he just turned back and said.
“You´re welcome, Henry; goodnight.”
His mind was just too weak and tired to analyse what had just happened a moment ago, instead, he gave it little importance and just kept walking.
His parents were away on a business trip, they weren’t going to notice anyway.
Henry, in the other hand, thought he had just made the boy upset. ‘It was worth a try, though’just walked to his apartment, got into the bed after brushing his theeth, and just expected Jiyong to be intoxicated enough to forget what just happened.
He wasn’t going to tell anyone about this, so it was better if only one person actually knew the truth. Perhaps if Jiyong happened to remember he would just think of it as a dream or something.
He knew he wasn’t going to ask nor talk about it anyway.
just trust me in this one okay? xD Thank you for reading...well, this was kind of precipitated but we all are craving for more lol
I am so sorry
Tags: crossover: super bang, fandom: big bang, fandom: super junior, pairing: hendragon, rating: pg-13, title: step back
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