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Step Back Chapter 12

Title: Step Back | Henry Lau and Kwon Ji Yong | PG-13 | Crossover: Big Bang/Super Junior | Crack pairing

Cho Kyuhyun looked down at the breathless younger boy. It had been a while ever since Henry said anything, even the most trivial thing was welcomed, about the weather, thought concerning his grades, or school, the latest celebrity gossip he had heard of…just, anything.
“You missed some sleep, right?” he asked as he took another sip of his bubble tea.
Zhou Mi raised an eyebrow. He was about to say something concerning the social meetings Henry had with a lot of people. ‘Perhaps he went clubbing for the first time in his life’ he thought.
It wasn’t, of course; Henry didn’t like clubs although he really liked to hang out and party somewhere. Occasionally. Just on rare times and only if he was accompanied by a friend.
“Eh, Insomnia is back, huh”
Was his dear little brother over stress or something again? He remembered Henry had had insomnia during his first weeks in Korea, but eventually got over them and the last thing he knew was that the younger boy was back to his days of sleeping almost half day long.
Perhaps it’s because mid-term exams are close, yeah, that was probably it.
“You should avoid sleeping on afternoons, that’d surely work” he tried suggesting something.
“Gege, I am almost never sleeping…I think it’s because of the pressure I am putting myself on”
“I told you it’s okay if you don’t always achieve a 100% on subjects, Henry” Kyuhyun put his glass of tea on the table. “I mean, you’re overreacting over such little things…I am sure your parents will be glad even if their child got a 95 or 96…believe me or not, they are good grades!”
“Uh, I don’t think so, hyung”
“I am sure your parents won’t be disappointed at all…perhaps they’d be surprised that you didn’t make it like in the last term, but as long as you don’t fail any of the subjects and keep your scholarship it’s okay”
‘I mean you’re here for an exchange program…last time I was in one of those I fled to America but I didn’t find it that hard’ Kyuhyung considered in saying, but that wouldn’t be appropriate to say.
“Hyung, I am not really scared of my parent’s reaction…it’s just the frustration”
“Why?” Zhou Mi ventured.
“Because I know I could have done better if I wanted to”
‘Then why didn’t you put any effort on it?’ Kyuhyun asked Henry in his mind.
“I just think I kind of half-assed in this term around” said the lad, as if he could read the older boy’s thoughts.
Donghae had invited them to come and see him during his soccer practice, but soon the three boys got bored and decided to go somewhere else. They passed by a nearby café and decided to have a drink.
They were all bored. The sun was on the highest point of heat and Henry was wondering how Donghae got to endure three hours of playing under the burning summer light.
He hated standing there, without doing anything, sweating like a pig. Zhou Mi wasn’t into any physical activities and he just agreed to watch Donghae play because his heart was like a chicken’s and he couldn’t just say no. And Kyuhyun could play soccer like a pro only if it was on a console, or on the computer.
His divagations led him to close his eyes and try analyzing things more; he went far, far, far away with his thoughts and he would suddenly re-open his eyes again and face the tablet blanket which was strangely wet.
He soon realized it was his own saliva and raised his head, looking for his friends.
Kyuhyun, Donghae and Zhou Mi were having a very animated chat on another table; whilst Henry was left alone drooling in his sleep.
Henry woke up, catching a quick glimpse from his watch to know what time was it.
4:37 pm; he had been sleeping for almost an hour. He quickly rose from the seat; he had homework to do.
It was Saturday, streets weren’t that crowded this time around, so he took the bus back to home.
It was funny because almost a week ago he had to attend a citatory concerning his visa.
No, it was actually true, though he went on Saturday, but took it as an excuse to skip classes the day before.
And technically spend it with Jiyong.
They became closer after that; Jiyong would throw paper balls at him with messages written down on them such as: ‘Hey, I am hungry~’ ‘Gosh the teacher is so boring’ ‘That girl is just as annoying as hell, can’t she just her trap?’ or ‘Kyuhyun-ssi is so smart~ no wonder why you like him~’ and thing of the like. Henry didn’t reply back because if he did so he would get caught, besides, that was just too childish for his tastes.
Jiyong also waited for him outside the classroom, after classes finished on Monday; Kyuhyun and him made a really interesting exposition and that earned them the highest grade in the class, he offered to help him out with the banner in order to not get it damaged and that was a very kind gesture from him; he also offered to walk him to the library so that he could study, in the way down there Jiyong would talk to him about his brothers, his best friend Youngbae, his hyung Seunghyun, the adorable Daesung and little Seunghyun, which made Henry feel as if Jiyong was really fond of them, and made him wonder if he loved his friends as much as the older seemed to love his.
The chattering stopped when they finally reached for the table Amber was sitting at, Henry smiled widely at her, she did the same in return.
Jiyong would quickly bid goodbye and leave, not without making a quick goodbye getsure to the girl; she looked a tad surprised by it.
“So…” she quickly glanced at her friend, right after finishing homework. “Who was that good-looking boy who walked you right here?” her gaze was sharp, yet friendly, as always. The would talk in English and sometimes in mandarin. Henry somehow felt a relief whenever he talked to someone in English; just to make sure to himself he still remembered the language. “he had style, you know? That kind of style that dazzles me, and I think I might steal those Vans he was wearing as well…”
“Eh…” Henry was busy trying to figure out how to solve the sheet full of algebraic operations “His name is Kwon Jiyong, he’s in my grade…”
“Even his name has style!” she exclaimed, earning another shush from the librarian “He is your friend, right?” Amber raised an eyebrow.
“Eh, kind of…” Henry was trying to solve some math homework.
“Oh, don’t tell me our cute pretty boy has gotten his heart stolen!” she mocked him, laughing in a low voice. “Well, it was about time! You are just too precious to keep being ignored gege!”
Amber was mocking him on someone again, if it was another person he perhaps could’ve gotten very upset, but it was Amber, so he didn’t reply in a harsh tone.
“He isn’t what you think he is, Amber.” He tried to sound friendly as always. “He is just…what you would call a friend.”
In fact Henry just didn’t know how to feel about the boy anymore, he had no idea of either feel flattered, or creeped out, or mad that the boy had been a total creep on him for a really long time.
Amber shrugged. Sometimes she just couldn’t understand her friend at all. But she loved that dork enough to endure his derp.
“Okay, but if he ever happens to do something nasty, just tell me and I will hunt him down in his sleep-”
“Okay, fine! I am not gonna do anything at all but just don’t ask me to help you in this kind of things anymore!”
“Bless…” Henry muttered loud enough.
Amber slapped his shoulder.
“Gege, let’s hang out with our friends someday!”
“Amber, mid-term exams are approaching, I don’ think it’d be a good idea…” Henry replied patiently as he put his notebooks into his backpack.
“Then let’s do it some Friday after classes!” Amber kept insisting.
“Oh, okay” he replied, almost without any emotion on his face.
“But, can you please bring out some new faces?” she asked “Because it’s almost always me who is always showing new people to you! And I am getting tired! And I am running out of new friends to present to you guys!”
“Why do you want me to bring new people? Can’t we just be the same as always?”
Amber looked at him with an amused look on her face.
“Oh, I will see what I can do, then” he sentenced. “Only if you promise to get good notes this time around, otherwise I won’t”
Henry wondered who the hell he was supposed to bring out with him, aside his hyungs and the friends who were also acquaintances with Amber, he didn’t know anyone.
It was Monday morning; the teenagers were having their break and Henry was getting disposed to get out and spend some time with his hyungs; he wasn’t doing as well in school as he expected but still he was getting really good scores.
He needed to concentrate more, and that’d be possible only if Kwon Jiyong could stop bothering him. Not that he hated the things he made to him, well, in fact that was it, but he just would feel horrible inside if he told Ji to stop it because he somehow found it funny and very deep inside he liked it.
But that was a secret he wasn’t willing to reveal.
Henry finished packing his stuff and hurriedly approached to the door; he was starving, needed to eat and rest a little.
Jiyong was waiting for him right at the room’s entrance.
“Hey” he chuckled “You really took your time!” his voice sounded more cheerful than usual, and that was saying something.
“You were…” Henry made a pause and tried to find the correct words to finish his sentence because in less than a second all his Korean vocabulary seemed to vanish from his mind and he almost started talking in English; that had never happened to him before, and it made him feel very odd, as if the sole glimpse of his new friend would take all the air his lungs contained away. “…waiting for me all this time?”
“Well…yeah” Jiyong simply answered, making a light shrug.
“Oh! I am so sorry!” Henry vowed twice in a 90 degree angle. “If I had known this, I’d have taken less time!” Henry was feeling really embarrassed that he made his friend wait a lot of time, and that made the older smirk.
“Hey! It’s okay, Henry!” Jiyong playfully patted his shoulder. “Come here, do you think your hyungs will ever be able to forgive you if you spend this break time with me instead of them?”
“Why do you ask, hyung?” Henry opened his eyes wide, curious. “I don’t think they’ll mind at all…I mean we’re a huge bunch of people, one more one less it wouldn’t make much difference, I think-”
“Fine, then!”Jiyong interrupted him, all smiles; he grabbed Henry by the wrist and took him to a mini school trip. They crossed some corridors and Henry saw a lot of rooms and hallways he didn’t remember being at before. They caught a few couples being lovey-dovey who probably wanted to be alone; some of them glared at the two boys who just randomly popped out of nowhere and that made Henry blush, feeling uneasy with the awkward situation.
Though Jiyong didn’t seem to care or at least notice at all.
“Where are you taking me to?” Henry tried to ask with a calm and cool voice. “I start getting tired of this, hyung…”
“Just wait for a moment…”
Henry was starting to get nervous. ‘He said no one was going to die that night…so that means…someone is actually going to die today?’
Okay dude, quit it with your frightening thoughts.
Jiyong was still grabbing him by the wrist, which meant he didn’t want to let go of Henry, which actually was meaning he didn’t want him to run away when he finally found out he was going to be brutally murdered because he was gay.
Jiyong ran his hand across Henry’s back, and pinched his lower back; quietly approaching to the youngster’s ear, he quietly whispered the final words:
“This is your final path, Henry-ah”
A chill ran through his whole body; the boy wasn’t ready for this.
“Please, don’t kill me…”
Jiyong’s smirk was full of hatred; a gross pout was drawn into his face he approached more to Henry’s ears to say something else as the youngster could feel the actual cold touch of what seemed a knife which as being held by his hyung’s hand.
“Do you realize you’re going to stop existing after this, Henry-ah?” Jiyong softly muttered.
Yes, Henry was.
“B-but why m-m-me, hyung?” was all that came to Henry’s mind.
Henry could almost see Jiyong’s sick facial expression as he questioned him.
“You ask why?” Jiyong said, smoothly. “Because I hate you” he finally blurted out those words Henry strangely was afraid to hear. “You’re a waste of time, flesh and blood; no one will ever love such a fag like you; people who are like this, thinking that they can go around flirting with people of their same sex just sicken me and they need to be removed from the earth’s surface.”
Henry closed his eyes, tears rolling down his face as he quietly was accepting the fact he was going to die that day. He wasn’t gonna be able to study in the Uni of his dreams, he wasn’t going to get to see his parents and siblings again, he wasn’t going to see Sterling again and tell him for the nth time he was an assface jerk.
He wasn’t going to achieve the goals he had set up for the future because he was going to be murdered by an homophobic Korean guy whom he was just starting to trust but at the end ended up being what Henry was expecting him to be; he thought it was unfair as he didn’t ask to become gay, that wasn’t his fault at all.
“People of your kind need to be erased from this planet, Henry; I hope you’ll understand that. No one needs you.”
“No one will ever love you because you are a fag”
And with these final words, Henry felt the dagger run across his stomach and get deeper and deeper, slowly taking away his life.
He was finally going to die; and he somehow felt a strange relief because everything was soon to be over and he could finally find some sort of rest in death.
A really tough slap in the head.
“Hey! Come back to life, Henry!” Jiyong gritted, exasperated.
“Ouch!” Henry looked back at the older one with a glare; “That was uncalled for, hyung!” of course he also knew it was totally necessary; he realized all of a sudden that the murder scene was totally made up in his head.
“Shit, son! You seriously have some troubles in focusing!” Jiyong is now upset you idiot; great, you now have just screwed up big time, Henry.
“I am sorry” Henry sincerely apologized. “What were we talking about?” he tried to sound concerned but he was still yet to fully recover from the little nightmare he just came back from.
“I was asking you if you like it” Jiyong patiently replied.
Henry looked up into a new part of the school he hadn’t seen before. It was quietly peaceful and the only occupants were just a few pigeons who were peeping up invisible crumbs of food.
“Yeah, well…it looks a like really nice place to stay over, I guess” he said “Where are we, again?”
“In the teacher’s private place”
Henry opened his eyes widely.
“Aren’t we supposed to not be here?” he asked panicked.
“Yeah but no one is here so why do you freak out?” Jiyong calmly asked.
“Why?” Henry laughed with sarcasm. “Because we can’t be here, maybe?” he tried gaining some more composture “This place is for teachers only, hyung, we can’t be here!”
Jiyong smiled softly.
“Chill up, Henry” he said. “The only reason why students don’t sneak in here it’s because a girl supposedly died a few years ago in here, I personally-”
“Died?” Henry felt the memories of the nightmare he just had a few moments ago coming back all of a sudden. “Are you telling me a poor student just died here?” he gulped some saliva. “And what are we doing here, in this creepy place?”
“I thought it might be funny if we spend some time alone in this place, just that.”
Henry’s blood froze.
“Suck it” he immediately spat out. “I am heading off to a place with actual people in there instead of just ghosts.” Henry immediately started walking off the opposite direction.
Jiyong sighed; clearly he was going to have to endure all the things his brothers would tell him if they ever saw him fooling around with that dude.
“Wait, where are you going to?” Jiyong reached the younger boy.
“Back with actual people and not creepers!” Henry bawled, making a weird pout.
“Henry! It’s faster if you go this way!” Ji smiled, pointing out at the field the youngster was intending to leave.
Henry looked back and saw the gloomy path that supposedly was faster rather than walking all the way back the same way they came from.
“If you follow it in a straight line you’ll end up near the basketball court” Jiyong calmly stated.
“O-okay” Henry was trembling. He was feeling in danger again.
The boy turned his head to face the path Jiyong told him to follow. It wasn’t as gloomy as he imagined, just a solitaire, abandoned concrete trail, hidden by two walls of trees and plants.
He could do it. It wasn’t a big task to do, after all. Oh, Henry, you crybaby, just take a deep breath and cross that lane as fast as you can.
Henry took a big step, which was followed by much shorter ones. In a quick pace, intending to leave the creepy place and the creepy boy in there, he almost closed his eyes fully. ‘Just do this quickly’ he kept repeating this phrase alone as -another- weird mantra.
He was almost getting out of that abandoned place when suddenly a horrid howl chirped into his ears, an unknown force made his arms powerless and he yelled as well, with the feeling of all the strength contained in his body leaving him and soon he was facing the floor.
When he opened his eyes again, he saw himself surrounded by a pair of strong, yet slim and slender arms, his nose being crushed against the tough concrete ground and a strong weight over him.
He felt his soul coming back to his body when he noticed who the person over him was; so he shook him off and Jiyong fell to the ground.
“You are so annoying, gosh.” Henry muttered irritably.
“I am sorry!” Jiyong laughed, still holding Henry “I just wanted to give you a fright”
“Well, you did succeed, hyung” the boy punched his older in the stomach playfully. “Now let’s get up before someone sees us in this uh…awkward position”
“What’s wrong with it?” Jiyong asked, faking cluelessness. “We’re not doing anything bad”
“But people will think this is weird, hyung”
Jiyong was basically back-hugging Henry, the two of them were lying on the floor, it was understandable why Henry thought this was awkward and weird, tough Jiyong –as always, as it seemed to Henry- didn’t care at all. The older lad discretely sniffed the young boy’s neck. ‘1 Million by Paco Rabanne’ Ji hid a smirk. ‘Hyung, you almost got me fooled’
“Henry-ah you’re very huggable” Jiyong said with the most fake childish tone he was able to make.
“God, please shut up, hyung”
“You don’t like cuddling with me?” Jiyong asked, this time around with a lower voice but still very annoying to Henry’s ears.
“No.” He replied dryly.
“Oh.” Jiyong let out a sigh.
“Quit it, hyung, you’re acting all weird and…” Henry had to interrupt himself from saying something that could seriously offend Ji.
“Weird and, what?” asked Jiyong with the same chirping tone.
“And, well…gay” Jiyong tried to hide his smile.
“Look who’s talking”
“Yeah, but this…eh, this makes me feel…uh…uncomfortable, hyung” Henry pleaded softly “Please stop”
That broke Jiyong’s heart.
“Oh, yeah…sorry” When did he get up so quickly? “Here, let’s go” Jiyong offered his hand to the other teenager.
Again, why was he trying so hard in making that kid smile again? He himself was a good at anything after all.
He hated himself so much.
“Eh, hyung…” Henry started, coyly. “I am going to see Kyuhyun-hyung…mind if I leave?”
“Eh? Oh, yes. No problem, Henry…” he nodded.
“Oh, okay…bye” he bowed and then rushed to the other boy’s side.
Again, why was he even bothering fro that kid? It was painfully obvious that he didn’t like him and that it wasn’t going to change.
But soon he forgot all those negative thoughts when he caught a glimpse of Youngbe and Seunghyun staring at him with an amused smirk on their faces.
Jiyong was sure as hell they watched everything, and that was embarrassing because it was supposed to be a private moment shared between Henry and him.
God, he hated those two, he hated Henry, he hated Henry’s hyungs, hated Canada, he hated his school, and he hated everything.
But hating on something was helpless, Jiyong knew; so he walked into his friend’s direction.
So, a new chapter! This time Jiyong being all snuggly and Henry feeling all uncomfortable but...oh well... I never said this was a quality story.
I am sorry for the delay :( Will try to make this more alive ¬3¬
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