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Step Back Chapter 6

Title: Step Back | Henry Lau and Kwon Ji Yong | PG-13 | Crossover: Big Bang/Super Junior | Crack pairing

The silence of the night was ripped down with the morning text Ji got from his hyung.
“Ji, ur mom says its ok n theres no need2worry bout that, told her as well ur goin2school w me and perhaps will spend the rest of da day w u, so that ull have more time 2 spend”
He liked reading Seung Hyun’s texts…so full of fun since the slang he kind of used was just too hilarious and awesome he basically wrote like that as well.
“thx hyung see ya laters~ :)))”
He remembered Seung Hyun-ah (better known as Seung Ri, since both his hyung and him were often mistaken because they had the same name) had complained a lot of times before because he just couldn’t understand how they managed to get what the other was talking about in that damn slang.
“Hey~ but I get 2 no 1st how it was ok”
“ok have a nice day”
Ji Yong looked down, wondering what time it was now, well, Seung Hyun was already awake and preparing for school, so a while must’ve passed whilst Henry and him were taking a nap.
5:45 AM. Okay, not that much time anyways. Ji was preparing himself to go back dozing when his empty stomach groaned.
God, that hurt him as hell. He was so hungry but only now did he realize the last time he got some solids into his mouth was the day before, in the late noon.
“Hey, Henry…aren’t you starving?” he asked, not looking at the young boy. “I am going to get something to eat” he turned his head to face him “Don’t you want someth- oh right you’re still asleep, never mind then” he said, and stood up, borrowing his wallet.
He approached the guy, trying to know if he was really asleep or just pretending, Ji noticed he was drooling, and laughed a little.
“I might get going, then” he said, walking away “hopefully I will be back soon”
Ji Yong sighed. He had been walking for so long, into the woods, trying to get out of the park as soon as possible. He knew both of them were basically in the very heart of the forest, so the road back to the city was surely going to be long.
But there you have, that he managed to get out of the place, though it really took him more time than he ever thought.
Ji walked for another while until he finally spotted some convenience store. He went there and bought himself apair of sandwiches and some bottles of frozen tea. Since he didn’t care much about what he ate for breakfast, he didn’t think a lot about what he wanted to eat.
But he basically freaked out when he taught of what was it that Henry would like to have for breakfast.
He didn’t had an idea of what to buy for him, so he bought another sandwich pack and some other three bottles of frozen tea, and headed back to the forest. Hopefully Henry was still there, waiting, but Ji couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad because he just left all of a sudden, without saying a word, but then again, he reminded to himself the boy was still asleep, so he wasn’t that at fault.
During his way back home, he saw a lot of wild animals roaming around. Birds, raccoons, squirrels, he could even take a glimpse of bears that were too far away from him!
It was around 8 or 9 PM when he came back from getting breakfast and Ji was tired already, since he had to walk a lot. But when he came back to the place he believed he had left the youngest boy sleeping Henry had already woken up and he couldn’t see him anywhere.
He was almost freaking out and was about to shout Henry’s name throughout all the place to see if he could hear Ji calling for him.
It wasn’t necessary though, he soon felt a pair of hands slipping through his face, covering his eyes. The hands were deathly cold and he cringed a bit. Until he managed to guess whose hands were those.
“Don’t ever leave like that again!” the younger boy bawled “You scared me to death! I thought that perhaps you got lost, or got eaten by some random bear family!”
Ji Yong somehow was expecting this.
“Okay, Okay! I am sorry!” he cried, in a high-pitched voice “Let go of me!”
“You know, I was scared as hell because I thought ‘what am I going to tell Seung Hyun-ah if he asks me where is Ji Yong?’ because, you know, he is big and well-built and could perfectly tear my face down if I tell him his best friend was eaten by bears because of me” Henry kept muttering
“Yeah, Yeah! I get it!”
“Don’t. ever. Do. That. Again. Do. You. Understand?”
“Promise!” J Yong was really caught off guard, and instinctively raised the bag he was holding with his right arm and shaked it a bit.
“Here. I bought you food, will that fix things up?”
Henry put off his hands from his face.
“Okay then. I shall believe and forgive you, give me my part now” Said the youngest, reaching for the bag Ji was still grabbing.
“So, what have you brought?” Henry asked, opening the bag “Oh. Sandwiches.” Henry pouted. Ji Yong could’ve sworn he was disappointed big time. Well, perhaps it would’ve been better if he just have said something like ‘Oh yeah, since I don’t have a clue what you usually have for breakfast I didn’t brought you anything at all haha, sorry.’
God, Ji. You stupid twat. Please dig a hole and go die there.
“Sandwiches and frozen tea…yeah, well…uh…” words didn’t manage to come out from his mouth. What was he going to say, exactly? Because, well, he could easily apologize for not being original and creative enough to bring other stiff rather than just plain, cliché sandwiches.
Yeah, perhaps apologizing was the easiest way.
“I-I am sorry, I normally don’t pay a lot of attention to what I eat, so I just taught I could eat mainstream sandwiches…and, well, I didn’t want to wake you up and ask you what would you like to have for breakfast!! It’s okay if you won’t eat them, I could go and fetch something more akin to your tastes! Just tell me and I’ll go for it!”
“No, it’s okay, hyung” Henry blurted out. “I am not a big sandwiches fan, but I think I could eat my share and survive to it. “
Glad the young lad was willing to eat them, Ji wasn’t feeling like walking other five kilometers just to buy something very random to eat…
Wait, what did Henry said after saying it was okay?
“Okay, then, but, how did you just call me?” Ji asked, startled and curious. Henry turned his head and looked at him. He would always use that unreadable expression that made the elder nervous.
“Ji Yong” he said, slowly “I called you Yi Jong”
‘It’s okay, Ji Yong?’ well, that wasn’t exactly what he just heard, but perhaps Ji was just too delusional for the boy, so he gave no importance to the fact.
Ji kept silent, not daring to say a word, he might upset that snarky, moody teenager again. Again, the situation was painfully awkward, and Ji Yong wondered if he had felt this uneasy with another person before.
‘He isn’t like any other person you had met before’
Okay, thqat summed up things pretty well. They were just not intended to be friends at all, then? Ji was pretty sure it was fate that kept screaming right in his face ‘Just stay away from him, and run before it’s too late and you screw things up big time’
‘He doesn’t feel good with you around, just get over it already, Kwon Ji Yong, and give up’
The fact Henry behaved in a very different way from what he did in school was a very clear signal from fate that he was just an annoying little stone in Henry’s shoe. But, despite everything Henry did to make that little shit to get out of his shoe, he kept insisting on it.
God, he was aware of what some people thought about him for being crazy and unpredictable to the point of creepiness, but he hadn’t realized how much of a burden he could be for some people.
And by some people he meant Henry Lau.
“Kwon Ji Yong!” Henry yelled as he slapped Ji’s shoulder, in an attempt to bring him back to the current timeline they were living in, which track Ji lost seemingly a long time ago.
Of course it hurt as hell. Henry slapped so damn good it could really be a thing to be jealous of, but it was enough to bring Ji back to real life where he was basically stuck up with the puzzling, attractive –in the most platonic way Ji could think of, of course- foreigner in a crazily big as hell park, skipping classes.
“Ouch! What was that for?” Ji cried out, he was sure the hit had left a red spot over his arm.
“I had been calling out for your name a long time ago, but you were in Ji Yong-land again, and ignored me, so that was just to make you come back to this timeline!”
Well, that was true, he somehow remembered Henry calling out for him, asking him stuff, but his mind ignored all those requests from the exterior and gave more importance to self-pitying itself for being such a pain in the ass.
“Oh, yeah, right. Sorry about that”
Henry rolled his eyes, obviously annoyed at the other lad’s obliviousness/rudeness, Ji wasn’t sure how Henry would’ve seen it. Ji Yong couldn’t help but mentally facepalm at his own stupidity. He wished his hyung could’ve been with him at the moment so that he could do it for him without Ji having to ask for it before.
“So…you want to eat?” Ji tried to fix things up. Henry wasn’t directly looking at him, which made things easier, he was starinjg blankly at some other random spot.
“Yeah sure, why not?”

Tags: crossover: super bang, fandom: big bang, fandom: super junior, pairing: hendragon, rating: pg-13, title: step back
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