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Step Back Chapter 5

Title: Step Back | Henry Lau and Kwon Ji Yong | PG-13 | Crossover: Big Bang/Super Junior | Crack pairing

He was scared.
He knew beforehand the guy was following him, but didn't do anything about it. He felt uneasy, but didn't had enough courage to face Ji Yong. He just kept walking and spotted a little cafe in the corner of a street. 'Perhaps I can lose him here' he thought, and walked towards that direction. He ordered a Chai tea and sat near in the corner, near the entrance, where he could easily spot Ji Yong the moment he entered to the place. 'Is he really going to show up? Perhaps he also had to visit this place and we just happened to concur.'
Of course Ji Yong appeared later. Henry felt somehow amused; it was like playing a game. He knew the dude will show up at anytime, wherever Henry went, but Henry was just going to pretend he was utterly surprised by it.
'Just look away, he probably won’t notice you' 
Again, why was he feeling uneasy? Why he felt stiffened whenever he felt the other boy was basically eating him up with the gaze? It was so hard trying to ignore it, nonetheless he never did anything about it.
He felt weak and powerless, and well, was he just going to let that Kwon Ji Yong guy to stalk him, thinking he wasn't being noticed? Did he really thought so low of him? Was that the image he had of Henry: that of an idiot who was so oblivious to notice a thing?
‘Oh. I think I remember why I dislike him’ he made a mental note. Ji Yong was weird, to the point you really don’t know what he is up to next, he fooled around with his classmates, regardless of who they were, fooled around with all kinds of people, and well, he was scary, he had weird habits and stalked people he felt curious of. Which wasn’t healthy at all, because, well, he could kind of approach to them, talk to them, and befriend them that that would be more than enough. But no.
That’s why he disliked him; he was a total stranger who was after Henry, infatuated with him. That’s why he had to go and tell him what he was doing was wrong and needed to stop.
Well, that's what he was thinking back then when decided to swallow his fear and face that guy. He was harsh with his words, but didn't back off, he wasn't going to back off, for that meant he was basically giving in and letting that weird stranger to do whatever he pleased.
Well, he regretted a bit being too harsh, that guy's jaw was dropped, almost hitting the floor, but he was taught the lesson he just didn't go and followed people wherever they went. That was scary as hell! Serves him right!
"Why did you lie?"
Okay, the question really got him out of place. Why was he infatuated in asking him that! Why didn't he care for his own business?
"Mind your own crap, bro" Henry spat out, walking away. Leaving aside a very startled Ji Yong. "I suggest you to go back to home, it's too late already...and it's getting cold!" were the last word he dedicated to the older boy.
Henry walked a couple of kilometers more, he once went into a 24hr mall and made some window shopping, he was very tired, but was still in his research for his ideal place, he had went too far already, and he wasn't going to give up that easily!
He would turn back his head multiple times, just to see if Ji Yong was still after him.
That was perhaps the only break he could ever get in months! And, besides, it wasn't that far, only two or three kilometers more, and that was it. The outskirts of the city were just too over populated and he felt safe, as long as he kept roaming around the urban area.
During his long trip, he was standing next to a quite big puddle of water mixed up with mud, and a car accidentally ran over that patch and splashed him, making all his clothes get wet. He reached a hand to grab his backpack where he had a blanket and a sweater.
He didn't caught anything, it was only at that time when did he realize he just left his stuff at that cafe where he confronted Ji.
What was he doing at that time? Had he returned to home already?
He couldn’t help but feel guilty, at whatever he had said before to his friends.
Again, why did he lie? Couldn’t he just had told them he was going to skip classes? Was that really that difficult to do?
“Stupid, stupid” he muttered. “You just don’t have the guts to tell people the truth, you just want to show off”
“Then, why did you lie?” Ji Yong’s words kept harassing him. Which wasn’t fair, the fellow kind of followed him to the very end of the city, and although he could just had told him to stop following him, he was just too hard with what he told him.
In fact, he had never been nice to him. A few hours ago, at school, he also sent him an indirect so that he could let go of him. Even when he caught him staring endlessly at Henry, the boy just kind of smiled shyly to him and bowed in apology, but he just turned away and ignored him. True, the boy was kind of a freak, and in a not so good way, but he was always nice to him, unlike Henry, since the only time he actually felt good around him, was then they chattered about that Alexander the Great being a pop star crap.
God, he truly had to improve his social skills, he had to treat his friends better, and even those who weren’t his friends, well, they deserved a better treat as well, right?
He was going to improve, he was going to try, at least.
After a couple of hours walking, leaving the city behind at a certain point between 1am and 2am, Henry finally arrived at the ideal spot he had located a few months ago. He sat down under a big, old tree, and sighed heavily as he noticed -again- he just lost his stuff and would have to sleep there uncovered.
He even didn’t have enough time to complain to himself about how much of a fool he was in losing the biggest designer bag he had ever seen in his life, which, to make things worse, wasn’t his.
He even left his book in that bag! Now what was he going to tell Zhou Mi-gege? It was, like from the most expensive bags he could see in the store, and Mi was really fond of it, which he didn’t blame him, for the bag truly was cute.
He only had his iPod with him, so, well, he switched it on and put on his most played songs, and fell asleep.
He would only wake up when he noticed someone was standing near him, he felt again this cold shiver down his spine and opened his eyes, wondering what kind of person would bother in waking some random young boy sleeping out in the forest.
And there he was, standing, watching him sleep. This, as creepy as hell as it sounded, didn’t surprise Henry at all, he somehow imagined it wasn’t other than his stalker.
Henry just blinked, affected by the sudden moonlight in his eyes, and stared at him back. And both of them spent some minutes in watching each other, trying to guess what was the other thinking.
Ji Yong gavea step back, embarrassed.
“Sorry” he started “I was about to wake you up, because, well…”
“What is it?” Henry asked, calmly.
“I brought you this, you forgot it there in the café…” he was still ashamed “I thought…it might have been important to you so I decided to bring it back to you…um…I am sorry I woke you up I thought it might be better if I just left this here, but then you woke up, again, I am so sorry…I didn’t follow you or anything! I just…went back there and found it but I didn’t stalk you again!” He bowed.
Henry was relieved that someone found it. He would be more comfortable that way rather than having to sleep in the bare floor. And that saved him from having to stand Mi’s wrath for losing the bag he borrowed to him. But, if he didn’t followed him, how did he find him?
“Um…no, it’s okay, Ji…I might hadn’t slept properly without this” he tried to sound calm
“I…I might get going now” he made a low, almost unaudible, embarrassed laugh. “Good night…or morning, perhaps”
Morning? What time was it, then? He had to check his watch.
4:23 AM.
It had been more than three hours ever since he arrived there. Wow, he really slept for too long, and well, that somehow proved Ji Yong didn’t follow him for that long.
He looked back, and Ji Yong was already leaving the place, and it was just too late and perhaps too dangerous to go around, roaming in the streets, so he thought in asking him to stay.
That way they could fix some misunderstandings and Henry would put in practice that promise he made to himself to improve his way fo treating people.
“Hey, Ji…do you want to stay? I mean, I know we are not going to get any further sleep, and this place is quite uncomfortable to rest over…” Henry found it quite difficult to say, but Ji Yong wasn’t really walking anymore, he was listening to him, so there was no chance to back off  ”…but…eh, it’s too late for roaming around the city, and we could, I don’t know, talk?”
Ji Yong looked at him, curious. H e was going to say something, but just nodded and at the very end said:
“Okay, but, are you sure?”
“Yes, why not?”
Ji leaned awkwardly and sat besides Henry. It was the most awkward moment they had together, and judging from their past experiences, that was saying something.
Henry looked for something else to say, or do together. They were just sitting in the dark, and he could almost hear the other boy’s breath. Then he saw the bag resting in his lap.
Well, perhaps that wasn’t the best idea, but at least it was something.
“Hey, do you want to help me setting this up?” Henry said, hesitating “It isn’t a tent or something, but it’s be much more comfortable, kind of…”
“Oh right, let me help you out” Ji babbled, unsure.
The attempt of tent was set really quickly. It consisted of a blanket tied to two branches on each extreme of it, and a quilt spread over the floor. The two boys sat on it.
The awkwardness was so imminent you could even cut it off with a butter knife.
“How did you find me? That I was here, I mean” Henry asked all of a sudden. Ji Yong had to look back and hide his flushed cheeks, took a deep breath and sighed.
“Well, it wasn’t that difficult, actually…knowing the fact you live alone here in Korea, have no relatives since you are chinese-canadian and there are almost mo probabilities that you have Chinese relatives living here in Korea since you could be living with them instead of alone, because your mother originally didn’t want you to live alone, but you do, so that makes it clear you have no relatives here at all, so the options of you visiting someone or something weren’t really likely. And you didn’t book a hotel room or something because judging by the bag and clothes you have on you basically decided to get out of home out of the blue, it was very sudden. Knowing this place is known by its huge national park I thought that, perhaps, you would be camping somewhere near, then, I asked some cops in here whether they had seen a young boy roaming around, and they did, so they told me you were over here, and well, basically that’s just it. I am sorry for knowing a lot about you, because, you see, I follow you everywhere so it would be really pathetic for a stalker to follow people but not knowing a thing about them so I am so so sorry I promise I will never stalk you again because, well, truth be told, I have ever been…”
Geez, the guy was very talkative, and Henry just wanted him to stop.
“Ji…” Henry tried to calm him down
“I have never been this close to a foreigner before, not even the ones that are in our school, well, I don’t think Chae Rin-ah counts since she is actually Korean but has lived in other places before, so she doesn’t really count, but you truly puzzle me because…”
“Ji Yong!” Henry again tried, failing.
“…because I don’t understand you so that’s why I stalked you, because I wanted to get to know you more, but I went too far without even realizing so I am sorry because…”
Ji Yong finally noticed Henry was glaring at him, like one of those looks Seung Hyun-hyung gave to him.
“because, well, I think I should stop now because else you’ll kill me right now”
“Thanks.” Henry muttered. Ji looked at him.
“Thanks for what? For shutting my trap or…?”
“For both” Henry added, smiling.
“Okay then, I will shut up…but, can I ask you why did you come here?”
“I don’t know…I think I kind of longed for a peaceful moment, you know, time for relaxing a bit and forget everything about school and everything”
“You don’t like school?”
“There in Canada our schools aren’t that oppressive” Henry started “Classes end early in the afternoon, and we don’t have to stay until midnight studying and doing homework and tasks, so I am not used to it yet and I find it really hard…and my hyungs are really noisy and too playful to even take me seriously when I ask them for a peaceful and quiet moment”
“Do you like them?” Ji asked
“You ask me if I like them?” Henry let out a loud laugh “I love those idiots” he sentenced. “Not in a romantic way of course, but, geez, you should meet them.”
“I do know them, well, not all of them exactly, but yeah, I do talk to them too…”
“Really? What about your gang? I mean, Seung Hyun-ssi, Taeyang, um, Daesung, and that other Seung Hyun?”
“They are my brothers, they are closer than any other friends I have…but as for your group of fellows, I know Young Woon ever since we were kids” Ji added.
“Really? Kangin-hyung?” Henry asked “He’s cool”
The discussion ended there. Henry couldn’t take the awkwardness anymore and decided to sleep a bit more.
‘What a douchebag, Henry’ he thought to himself ‘You basically left him, talking by himself’
But he was just too tired and sleepy to care.
Both of them were in fact truly exhausted and tired. Henry leaned on a really big tree and feel asleep eventually. Ji Yong leaned in the opposite one and closed his eyes as well, but didn’t fall asleep, just dozed.
The morning after, a few hours later, Henry woke up. It was 6:07 AM and Ji Yong was nowhere to be seen.

Tags: crossover: super bang, fandom: big bang, fandom: super junior, pairing: hendragon, rating: pg-13, title: step back
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