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Step Back Chapter 3

Title: Step Back | Henry Lau and Kwon Ji Yong | PG-13 | Crossover: Big Bang/Super Junior | Crack pairing

'Jesus, that was scary' Henry thought.
The awkwardness of the past moment really impressed him, he always thought he was that type of person who could get the awkwardness out of any situation.
Well, seemingly that didn't apply to that Ji Yong guy.
He had to rush off the place in a hurry because his face was too flushed and he didn't know how to deal with that dude anymore.
'Henry, at least you should have been more polite with him' he thought 'He basically treated you as a very, very close friend, and you just run away, like a coward?'
What else could have he done, then? Ji Yong would have noticed his blush and made fun of it for the rest of their lives. That's why he ran away, to avoid any further embarassing moments.
'Hey, that's just a past thing, you should focus more in what you are going to do next'
That was right, he had to take the bus as soon as possible and then get to his apartment, grab some things, lock the place, get out, grab another bus right away and get to that meadow he wanted to head off to so badly.
Okay, by the time he would arrive to that place it would be past midnight already, so he had to pick up a place to sleep over at.
But it wasn't time to think about it yet, he had to pick a bus and head to home first.
So he just walked to the next bus stop, where a lot of students from his same school were gathered as well, and waited for the next bus to arrive.
Then, his cellphone rang. He looked at the caller ID, and answered the phone.
It was Amber.
Perhaps she was going to ask him to accompany her to the library, or to have a coffee or something.
"Oh, hi gege!" Amber replied, she sounded cheerful. The both would sometimes talk in english, other times in chinese and korean.
This time they were talking in english.
"How are you doing?"
"Fine, thanks! And you?"
"Not really complaining about it, I guess" Henry smiled "Why are you calling me for?"
"Oh, I was just wondering...Zhou Mi-ge, Siwon, Victoria, Krystal and I are going to Starbucks and have some coffee and cake, want to join us?" she asked "It will be fun!"
Hearing all those cool people who were attending the appointment sounded temptating, but Henry wasn't going to give up in his plan of skipping school and having his day only for him. So he had to turn the invitation down.
"Oh, I am sorry, Amber. I can't" he said, trying to sound as apologetic as possible "I have some things to do at home today. See, I have visa issues, and I will try to fix them tomorrow, so I won't attend school"
"Oh, that's a shame...hope everything gets fixed soon" Heck, he even felt bad for lying to her. The girl was from his closest friends, but it's not like he was pulling out a lie out of the blue! He did have visa problems...and, besides that Toronto/Vancouver thing, there was an actual typo in his name, it put "Erny" instead of "Henry".
Though the appointment there was in Saturday afternoon. He was just taking an excuse to avoid assisting classes on Friday.
"Again, I am sorry...perhaps we could arrange another meeting sometime? I wouldn't miss that for the world"
"We'll see then...but this time there'll be more cake for me, bwahaha"
"Oh, you" Henry smirked
"See you next week, gege"
"Have fun, Amber"
A background female voice could be heard and Amber replied jokingly. She hung up right after that.
Henry didn't notice he was smiling widely. 'She would never be awkward with someone' he thought, mocking himself 'I wonder how's her relationship with Ji Yong...'
he had seen them chatting and talking together before, at least they weren't in bad terms. Ji Yong was actually a gentleman with all the ladies, whether they deserved it or not. 
"Come to think of it" He muttered to himself "He is nice with everyone, and really sociable...why do I even dislike him?"
Huh...that was a hard question.
'Why do I always feel uncomfortable around him, as if he was about to punch me in the face or something?'
"Bullshit. I am just being a fag" he murmured.
The bus arrived, he was from the last ones in getting in, because he just stood still there where he was, disturbed.
There was something in the air that made his spine chill, and he turned around his head, trying to tell what was it.
But then Henry realised he was missing the bus already, so he gave up in searching and just got in.
Little did he know a pair of deep brown eyes were staring right where he was, watching every single move he made.
Henry would arrive 20 minutes later at his home. He dropped the keys in a curious, funny green plate he had next to the door.
He used to have a bad habit about dropping the keys anywhere, at anytime, he didn't care at all about it, and would later find them somewhere.
But one day he lost them completely, and would never find them again. He had to change the locks all over his house, and that's why one of his dearest hyungs, Ryeowook, gave him that green plate he himself made with ceramic and coloured with acrylic paint.
"Here, you can drop your keys here and stop worrying all the time about it, Henry-yah"
And he had to admit, that little plate had been of much use.
Henry ran to his room,and picked up a blanket, a lantern, a very interesting historic novel about Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great he was reading, a sweater and a pillow, and quickly rushed to the kitchen to grab some chocolate threats and a chocolate milk carton. He stuffed all those things in a really huge Louis Vuitton bag -borrowed from Mi-gege a few weeks ago, which he planned to return right after that adventure he had planned for himself reached an end.- and then went back to his room and change clothes. He threw his school uniform to the cest of dirty clothing, and put on a more casual outfit. -He changed all his underwear for cleaner ones, put on a hoodie, sweat pants, and sneakers- picked up the bag, locked up the door, grabbed the keys, and went downstairs to pick another bus.
He didn't have to wait long, soon, the bus stopped, he got in, and took a seat alone.
The bus wasn't crowded, in fact, there were only five people, besides him, who went in that bus, so he had the opportunity to take a seat for him alone.
He picked his headphones from the bag and plugged them to his iPod. Soon, he was falling asleep, not that he cared at all. It would take a while to get to that place, anyway.
And he would dream of such weird things; he thought of that day, when a dongsaeng named Lee Chae Rin, whom he coped up with really well, told Henry her feelings for him.
He would turn her down, of course, he told her he already had someone special, just to make her feel less bad.
The girl was pretty, not what his hyungs would call pretty; but she was really pretty to him, in her own, special way, and had charisma and a good personality.
But then again, he didn't like girls.
He had never liked them.
Of course he wouldn't tell her that. He didn't wanted anyone to notice his homosexuality, he was afraid of how people there in Korea would react, he read over the internet accounts saying that some australian guy who came out of the closet there in South Korea, quickly had to pack his things up and get his ass back to his homeland due the constant attacks on him.
Because people said he contaminated other fellows with his homosexuality.
That was why he never really told anyone he was gay. Only Kyuhyun, Amber, Donghae, Ryeowook, Siwon, Zhou Mi, Han Geng, Sungmin, Hyukjae and Heechul knew about that; and he could swear almost half of them knew because someone else told him, because, as far as he could remember, he only told Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Zhou Mi, Amber and Kyuhyun.
Even the other guys he used to hang out with were still oblivious about it. Neither Jung Soo, nor Kibum, nor Yesung nor Kangin, Jungmo, Taemin, nor Minho knew.
That's why he told Chae Rin he was already in a relationship. He couldn't just go and tell her he was gay and disliked pussies.
And, as he remembered how he made that girl cry, he quickly regretted lying to her like that.
He could just have told her the truth, perhaps she would've cried less that way.
She was smart and open-minded, as she grew up in foreign countries which were more open to these things. She would have understood.
That way he would've kept his friendship with her.
Henry was leaning over the front seats, already drooling. It would've been a really funny scenario to watch, but no one was there.
It was only him, and some other person who was sitting in the back seats.
They were already reaching the last stop.
The guy stood up and reached for Henry, and, as soon as the bus started slowing down its velocity, he got closer to Henry and started patting him in the shoulder.
"Hey, get up already, this is the last stop, we should get out of here"
"Wake up, we've got to go"
Henry opened his eyes slowly, he was still kind of asleep.
The first think he looked at was at the stranger's face.
And he recognised who it was.
'God' He thought 'shitshitshitshitshit, what's he doing here?' 
"I-I am sorry I fell asleep!" he blurted out, worried.
"No, it's okay! I wont rob you or whatever! I just woke you up!"
'Jesus! Out of all the people living here in Korea, or at least studying in my institute...why him?'
"Thank you! I am so sorry!!" Henry spatted, and made a short bow and ran out of the bus.
"What the fuck was that?" He asked to himself.
'Why the bloody hell was he there?'

1-The book Henry was reading was an actual book. It's called 'Tyrant' and was written by Christian Cameron. That man writes really well and I love how he can perfectly describe the image people back then actually had from Alexander (though he isn't actually one of his main characters) He also has other amazing books about ancient Greece and has written some other ones about spionage, in modern era.
2-Concerning the stpry Henry had read about the autralian gay guy who had to rush back to home due the constant attacks on him and his friends when korean fellows found out about his homosexuality, it was actually true (though I decided to change the guy's nationality, because I don't remember what his actual nationality was, so he wasn't australian.). A few years agon, back in 2006/2007, I read it on a scientific magazine, the article in there explained why people liked their same sex instead of the opposite, and there was asection about how homosexuality is seen in different places of the world.
3- This is more a gossip/rumour than anything that I said above, I actually like to read kpop gossip sites, and yeah, I know everything in there may be taken with a grain of salt, and it's for fun, actually. But 'supposedly' fan accounts stated that, during the Taiwanmei era, in that long stay, promoting, SJM was asked ina variety show to pick up the female idol they liked the most, so it was Henry's turn, and everyone expected it to be Amber, though he actually chose 2NE1'S CL, and said she was very cool and pretty and that he liked her a lot. But that scene was cut for some reason, apparently, fans complained about their oppas liking/dating someone, so yeah, they cut it. Though perhaps it was already scripted who they'd pick up, and they were just following the scrpt. A~nyway, truth or not, I thought it'd be interesting to put some one sided!HenCL lol /shotshotshot
Tags: crossover: super bang, fandom: big bang, fandom: super junior, pairing: hendragon, rating: pg-13, title: step back
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