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Step Back Chapter 2

Title: Step Back | Henry Lau and Kwon Ji Yong | PG-13 | Crossover: Big Bang/Super Junior | Crack pairing

Everyday Ji Yong would sit behind him.
Well, not exactly behind, just a few places away.
Two chairs back and other two to the left; so that he could stare at him whenever he wanted without being too obvious.
He felt he could always look in that direction forever without getting tired, but, too bad, he went to school for a reason...
and that reason -although he wanted to- wasn't really to stare forever at the beautiful foreigner that was his classmate.
So somtimes he had to interrupt his self-imposed task and take a look at what was written down the whiteboard. Ocassionally he would listen to what the professors said as well.
Not that he was secretly in love with him. He was just...confused? curious?
Puzzled, right. Puzzled would be the right word.
That foreigner puzzled him. The way he acted, the slight, yet obvious, chanted and exaggerated accent he had, how he behaved.
Ji Yong had never been this close to a foreigner before, and that, according to himself, clearly expressed the aiming curiousity that rose in his chest when he first met that boy.
He wanted to get to know him, to know how he was.
But that guy would only talk to one single person in the classroom.
Cho Kyuhyun. That geeky, nerdy boy. Not that he hated him, in fact, he was nice and good-looking, and Ji Yong could perfectly understand why the canadian boy liked to be with him.
But, hey, there were also other living things roaming around the classroom as well, aside Kyuhyun!
But, oh no, during classes, there wasn't anyone other than Kyuhyun, his 'hyung'. And at lunchtime, he would talk to other thirteen fellows, but just that.
What was this foreigner, exactly? Too picky and arrogant to choose another person as his friend? Or just too damn shy and coy?
Okay, right, he got it, perhaps the whole time spent at school was occupied by other people.
But...what about the after-school time?
Perhaps they could have a milkshake, or ice cream together.
Of course it would be more difficult the days they had mandatory study hours, but, besides that, they could meet somewhere and have a nice talk and everything.
Ji Yong would ask him how the schools there in Canada were like. How his canadian friends were. What he liked to do there in Canada. If he once went camping there in the woody, vast forests of North-America.
Perhaps he could tell him he was also once in one of those, though it wasn't exactly Canada, it was in Russia.
But it didn't matter at all,They could chatter a lot about random, pointless stuff and it wouldn't matter at all for they'd be all smiles and would feel comfortable around each other. 
Everything would be wird and crazy and both of them would be a laughing mess because it was just the two of them and because he was with-
That one girl, at the library. Chatting and laughing together, even getting shooshed by the librarian, who told them to keep quiet.
The one girl. At the library.
Doing homework together. Having fun. The two of them. Alone.
Oh, right. He perhaps had gotten himself a girlfriend and now the two of them were being all mushy-mushy and spending some quality-time together, as a couple.
And he knew exactly who that girl was.
Amber. Amber Liu.
Heck, she was just as hella fine. She was nice, cool, a good student, smart, cute, and she had swag. Besides, she was also a exchange student.
Truth be told, Amber was really popular among the boys. mainly because of her extraordinaire looks, but also because she was from the few that can put up with you a really interesting and varied conversation. Not that all the other ones were empty-headed, but he had met some girls who thought Alexander the Great was a pop singer.
Ji Yong himself had a -slight, according to him- crush on her a while ago. But eventually gave up in trying as he realised she wouldn't look at him for more that five seconds straight.
'But hey, the same day Henry arrived from Canada, you gave up on her' he reminded himself.
What a funny coincidence, wasn't it? he thought.
But those two really matched perfectly, Ji Yong thought, no wonder why they are an item...
Wait, an item?
Did Henry really drove in that direction?
His hyung, Seung Hyun, once told him that his friend, Heechul, told him once at a party that Donghae, who was basically BFF with him (Heechul), told him he once eavesdropped a conversation between that nerdy gamer and the weird foreigner, where he told Kyuhyun we wasn't really what you should call 'straight'.
So he gay? bisexual? pansexual, even?
Asexual, perhaps?
But that was just a rumour! Ji Yong didn't know in first hand, and perhaps he'd never know.
Perhaps Heechul just lied to his hyung, or Seung Hyun was just too drunk to pay attention properly at what Heechul said.
Then again, he himself wouldn't know...he wasn't a stalker, after all!!
The day his hyung acidentally ran over that foreigner, dropping his cup of coffee, he would pester Seing Hyun with questions all about that guy.
"And how his voice was like?"
"Ji, you've heard it too many timnes already, in the classroom. Remember? You are his classmate."
"Yeah, right, but, I mean, the tone he was using? He seemed scared and about to start crying...hos was his voice back then?"
"Uh...how would I know? More...high pitched that the normal one?"
"Did you notice that weird accent of his?"
Seung Hyun sighed. Clearly his best friend would not let go of him that easily before he had given him all the details concerning his accident with that canadian guy. 'Hey, he'd do anything if you were in his place, dude' He thought to himself 'anything, so that you could get all the details about that person' Seunghyun took a deep breath again, and tried his best to not lose it.
"Of course I noticed it! It's way too hard to ignore"
"And...d-do you know what cologne does he use?"
Wait...what did he just ask? His fragance? How the bloody hell was he supposed to know? He was just too upset back then to even remember he had to sniff him so that he could tell Ji Yong what damn cologne he used! Was that boy serious?
"Eh..." c'mon, guy, just blurt out something random "CH 212 for men, I think" yeah, that'd surely work.
"Liar! He uses Paco Rabanne's 1 million!" Jiyong gritted; which earned him a death glare from his friend.
"God, Ji! If you already know the answer then why do you keep asking?"
"I thought he might have changed it!"
"The why are you sure he still wears Paco Fucking Rabanne?"
"Because I smelled his jacket this morning! And, besides, he would never use CH with those jeans he was wearing"
Okay, that kind of sounded weird. Yes, he had this habit of smelling the guy's jacket. But damn, who the hell cared about which fragance you should combine with clothes? Why did he say that?
Seung Hyun glared at him, and looked a sif he was about to punch him in the face hard.
"Kwon Ji Yong! Nobody cares about fashion as much as you do! I bet you ten thrillion won he doesn't even give a yuck what damn fragance he combines with his clothes! Nobody does! Not even you!"
True. That was utterly true. But, okay, that hit him really hard in the pride.
Seung Hyun breathed heavily, trying to regain composture. 
"And, besides, if you smelled him in the morning, what makes you think he might have changed fragances in the middle of the day?"
"I caught a glimpse of a bottle in his backpack. Could've seen in more detail only if he hadn't picked it up right in that moment. And I swear that wasn't the bottle for 212 for men."
Well, perhaps he was a bit of a stalker.
"Darn! Stop lurking around and just talk to him already!"
"I have! We talked just yesterday!"
"Then, what's the problem? It's not like he will skin and you alive!"
"It's just too hard! What can I bring up as a discussion topic in first place?"
"I don't know, what did you talked about yesterday?"
"Eh, I complained to him about a girl I just met last week thought that Alexander the Great was a pop singer" Ji Yong muttered, smiling slightly "Then, he said that it's be cool if Alexander the Great really existed, but as a pop singer, then I said his debut title track would be something like 'Iskander Da Monster' and we both would laugh at our own joke, and then came up with weird lyrics for the song..."
Seung Hyun gave him again that 'u freaking srs bro' look. But Ji Yong couldn't help but widen his smile.
"Geez, Ji! Is that for real?"
Ji Yong bursted into laughter.
"I am sorry! I normally become all awkward with him!"
It was time for the second reccess, and those two were wnadering somewhere near the volleyball court and the auditorium.
Ji Yong spotted that guy and his big bunch of friends over the auditorium entrance. 
They were having a nice talk, he could also recognize that Ryeowook guy, Donghae, that chinese exchange student whom Heechul called Seasonings and Siwon.
Automatically Ji Yong changed the direction he was walking to that little corner. Seung Hyun followed him.
He was near enough to listen to the whole conversation, not that he was too close. They were just too noisy.
The Seasonings guy was saying something about the new bag and clothes he had just bought.
And that canadian dude was all smiles and giggles with him.
Donghae said some joke concerning Seasonings' new bag.
Ji Yong stopped walking and just stood there, his friend also stopped walking.
"Hey, what's wrong, Ji?"
"Eh, I...have to tie down my shoe" Ji lied, bowing down and pretended he tied some imaginary lace.
Seung Hyun turned quickly his head at where the guy were, and he got what his friend meant.
Duh, Ji. You've been friends for ages, you can no longer fool him!
"Oh...okay then, I will just wait here" He said, standing still.
Donghae told another joke, and everyone luaghed.
Though Ji Yong only wanted to hear the laughter of one person.
He stood there, paralised, awaitng for that noise.
But it never came, he never heard it.
He didn't laugh. Seasonings would never laugh as well.
He was just standing there like a fool, he wasn't even pretending he tied something anymore.
The just started walkinjg away, his hyung following him.
"Nevermind. Let's just go away"
Then, what came next wasn't a laughter exactly, but it had the same effect on Ji Yong
"Don't talk about Zhou Mi-ge like that! He can't help it he is an utter fashionista! That wasn't funny, Hae!"
"Okay, sorry!"
Seung Hyun smiled a little, but Ji Yong had to hide his laugh.
Okay, perhaps he liked him a bit, only a bit, okay? He didn't love him or anything. He just liked him.
What was his name, again?
God, he felt stupid, he didn't remember his name!
His hyung looked at him startled, in disbelief. More like another 'u freaking srs bro' gaze.
"How come you don't know the name of the person you are head-over-heels for!? Even I know his name!"
Well, that was his friend. The oblivious Kwon Ji Yong.
"Henry. His name is Henry Lau"
A week passed, and it was Thursday, and that day they had to stay until 11 pm studying.
That day Henry had brought a beautiful banner with him, for the History class.
Henry was very proud about it. Kyuhyun acknowledged him, and even Jessica, the cold-as-ice girl who hardly ever complimented something, gave his banner a short praise.
He would have congratulated him as well. If only he and Kyuhyun wouldn't had been busy preparing their exposition, only to find out later his teacher was missing.
"Ahhh!" Henry groaned "Finally! It's time to head home!" He stretche, lifting his arms.
He went to Kyuhyin's place, a few metter away from his.
"Hey hyung, the principal said Mr. Hwang was coming tomorrow, right?"
"Yes. Why do you ask?"
"Because there's a chance I won't come tomorrow"
"Really? Why so?" Kyuhyun looked surprised."Henry, Mr. Hwang will obviously ask for this thing tommorrow morning, and you tell me you wont attend school?"
"Eh...I have visa issues..." he said, rubbing his nose with his fingers.
How curious, Henry always made that gesture when he was lying; when he told Mr. Choi he had forgotten his math homework at home, when he told that girl who just confessed to him he already was in a relationship, so that she wouldn't cry that much...
So, was he lying?
"Sorry, hyung...last time I renewed it -which was a month ago, Ji Yong remembered, they made some typos in the document, and I just found out yesterday, and decided to make an appointment as soon as possible in order to fix it. It will take me all day long, hyung, I am sorry."
"Oh, really? That's a shame...I will try to convince Mr. Hwang, then"
"It won't be difficult, this is a serious matter. Besides, he already knows we are hard-working, he will probably let us expose in Monday...you can even show him all the work we did, you can show him my banner!"
"Sure, I will explain to him..." Kyuhyun nodded "But, just curiousity, which were those mistakes, actually?"
"The document says I live in Vancouver"
"So what?"
"I actually live in Toronto, you silly" he smiled "I have told you a gazillion times already!" said Henry, picking up his backpack. "The banner is in my locker, you can pick it up anytime, you already know the combination, right? See you hyung!"
"Take care"Kyuhyun said "And good luck!"
Ji Yong then followed him and tried to talk to Henry, acting cool and make it seem as if they were close friends, asking him some questions, trying to be nice, though it only made Henry to turn him down and run away, in a rush.

Tags: crossover: super bang, fandom: big bang, fandom: super junior, pairing: hendragon, rating: pg-13, title: step back
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